US merchants – why partner with BedaBox?

Simple: zero-cost access to the global market with no risk or change in operations, procedures or policies involved. No catch.

BedaBox currently offers 2 levels of integration and a third is in development.

They’re all free – here’s how it works:

Basic integration • during customer checkout, you simply display a banner explaining how to register (free) on our site and that this is your store’s standard procedure for international orders. BedaBox is simple to use; the customer can handle it from there. You ship to us; we ship to them. Simple.

Advanced integration • when a customer selects international shipping they’re taken to a simple form where they’ll fill out their contact information. The customer pays for their merchandise (including US shipping) and receives a notification explaining that their package is being processed by BedaBox. You ship the package to our US warehouse and we take over from there, contacting the customer directly to complete the forwarding process. This is the best option right now.

Full integration • this phase is under development with global deployment expected within 2 years. Our application will integrate with most popular checkout software, appearing when a customer selects a shipping address outside the USA. The customer fills out his info as during normal checkout and the app calculates total costs including shipping, taxes and duties (based on merchandise weight and value). Again, you simply ship to us; we take care of the rest.

International shipping logistics

You do not have to worry about this at all.

Your current shipping policy does not need to change in any way to partner with BedaBox.

When you receive an order from an international customer you process it as normal and ship it to our Florida warehouse, including the BedaBox ID number they’ll provide you during checkout in the address (that’s our internal routing number).

That’s it, just like always: get an order, ship a package. Only now, you have access to an additional 2 billion customers outside the USA – at no cost to you.


On your end, transactions look the same as they would for a domestic customer: we send you US dollars (BedaBox customers fund their BedaBox accounts using the currency and method they prefer, of course – that’s what makes it so flexible).

Every international customer will pay you an extra US$5 per package ordered – this is our processing fee, which we in turn will ask you to pay us monthly. You will never incur any additional expense; this fee is part of our service and our customers understand they need to pay this. We’ll just let you earn the interest on it for the month to keep accounting simple on both ends.


Our partnership program couldn’t be simpler: your shipping and customer payment procedures do not change and we handle all additional logistics. No investment on your part is required – all we ask is that you incorporate BedaBox into your checkout. We’ll even pay you under our affiliate program for each package you send us.

Sound good? We can have you up and running within the week. Let’s get started !