BedaBox Partners: Marketing Affiliate

BedaBox is currently growing our worldwide affiliate network – all applications are accepted and the most exciting ones move forward fast. We’re looking for people who really stand out.

Is this you?

Are you creative, active and constantly doing stuff online? We need dynamic people with real initiative – people who are serious about making things happen for themselves… and earning real money online while they’re at it.

Make money online – yeah, sure. You see that crap all the time, right?

But there's a big difference: BedaBox isn't some pyramid scheme or another 'magical business solution'. This is a real position with a growing global company, and you need to be the kind of person that doesn't just 'handle it', but gets genuinely excited about the possibilities.

You are not required to hold a business license to fill this position.

Oh, and by the way – you don’t have to invest anything or pay any fees, ever. Zero risk.

Sound cool? Here's how it works:

We'll help you create effective affiliate links and/or banners – every time someone clicks on these and goes on to order through BedaBox, you get paid (more about that in a moment).

Then you take the reins: armed with your shiny new links, you head out into your corner of the Internet and... well, do whatever you want, really, as long as it involves telling people how awesome BedaBox is in a non-spammy way (and getting them to click on your link so you make money).

Affiliates who already have a strong online presence when they join are usually (but NOT always!) most successful, because they have many opportunities to drop their affiliate links – forum signatures, social media, blog posts, their own website, etc. – where it'll be most effective.

And if you're creative, too? You'll uncover a million more opportunities to earn. Probably some we haven't even considered – got an idea? Tell us about it! And if you've got lots of ideas, you might be the kind of person we want to move up in our company - officially representing BedaBox to your entire country.

First things first – how much do Marketing Affiliates earn?

That's up to you. The more effectively you place your links, the more strategic you are about growth, the better you'll do. There is no upper limit – and if you get a few good customers under your belt, you'll be earning significant residual income for a very long time.

When a customer makes an order after clicking your BedaBox affiliate link, you get paid industry-leading commission rates.

Specifically, you get 15% of every service they purchase, and the average BedaBox customer spends ~$40 per order. See? Even just a few good customers can easily make a noticeable impact on your income.

We also pay regular bonuses to highly productive affiliates.

This isn't some hopeful theory – we're serious, and you will make money. BedaBox already empowers a huge network of affiliates all over the world. And we don't charge them – we pay them.

So... are you in?

Great! We look forward to meeting you, and growing together.