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Our Commitment to You

Big Savings on
International Shipping

We’ll save you serious money on International Shipping with Package Consolidation & Discounted Shipping Rates.

Treating your
Packages Carefully

We’ll care for each and every one of your packages as if it was our very own. We will inspect incoming boxes and repack them free of charge if needed.

Being on
Your Side

You can count on us!
If you have any problems with the transportation carriers, need to file an insurance claim, or need help sorting out any issues, we will step up!

Need to Return Something?
No Problem

Defective Item?
Wrong Size?
No problem, we don’t charge to process your returns.

Three Easy Ways to Contact Us

Email [email protected].
All emails are assigned a case number and are processed promptly by our Customer Service Team.

Leave us a Message on our
Contact Page

Speak to a Live Customer Service Rep by calling

Our Warehouse Location

We are located at 472 Amherst St. Unit 7
Nashua, NH 03063

How Bedabox Got Started

About 5 minutes after our founder Jan moved from Europe to the USA, it seemed everyone he’d ever met back home started writing: “hey, can you send me this? Could you mail me that?” They all wanted to buy items online from the USA, but weren’t able to because US merchants either wouldn’t ship to them, or couldn’t process their payments.

But Jan worked in International logistics and he could! And so he did. It wasn’t very long before he’d created a thriving business out of it, in fact - one he knew was going to get a lot bigger very quickly.

And it did!

Bedabox Today

It all started small. Just a guy with the knowledge and connections to help his buddies out. Now, of course, it’s big, shipping thousands of packages each month to more than 200 countries. We sure have a lot of friends these days! You guys & gals have been great! Thanks for helping us grow BedaBox into the fun-to-run global business it is today.

Our ongoing commitment is to give the best help, support, and shipping services – you can count on us, every time.

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